About us

We are living  in an internet driven world. The power of internet is information of all kind. The whole information technology has now been reduced into pocket size as smart phones, which is an integral part of the life. This guardian angel guides you, drives you each and every steps of your present life. No doubt you are a successful lawyer, an expert and the best choice for your profession. But the common man, who seeks a law expert may miss you just because they are not able to get your information in internet and miserably they may driven to some unqualified hands.

Law Informatics aims at to make an online platform for advocates to publish their professional profile, their expertise  and the contact details that is useful for a needy client and thereby help the society to reach the right person they are seeking for. For this aim we have been developing and maintaining such state level online directories containing almost all bar associations in Kerala. The process of updating  the current information regularly and also adding new lawyers to this venture is still going on. The advantage of online directories over the printed directory is that it is globally accessible without any limitation and advocates can update and keep fresh their information in these directories.