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October 24, 2014

To Err Is Human ; To Forgive Is Divine

Published by Advocate John S. Ralph The article PLEA BARGAINING – A MISSION THAT WOULD FAIL published in 2007 (3) KLT Journal Section P.26 has

October 24, 2014

Should Maru Ram be revisited?

Published by Advocate John S. Ralph The interesting article rendered by my friend Mr.B.Vinod in “ Ram Ram Maru Ram” ( 2013 (1) KHC Journal

October 24, 2014

Section 232 Cr.P.C wanted or unwanted

Published by Advocate John S. Ralph The article Unwanted Section 232 Cr.P.C published in 2012 (4) KHC J 56 seems totally misconceived. The author has

October 24, 2014

The dilemma of the forgotten prudent man

PROVED, NOT PROVED, DISPROVED AND THE DILEMMA OF THE FORGOTTEN PRUDENT MAN  Published by Advocate John S.Ralph Two grand authorities on the subject of proof

October 22, 2014

A judgment inviting Police Raj

Published by Advocate John S. Ralph Bhagwan Dass ( God’s servant) has despised and dishonored his Divine name by an honor killing and was convicted

October 22, 2014

Precarious nostrum for reducing pendency

Published by : Advocate John S.Ralph The correctness of the decision of the Supreme Court in Damodar S. Prabhu Vs Sayed Babala reported in 2010

October 22, 2014

The forced exodus of a genius and a shame for India

Published by Advocate John S.Ralph “ I, the Indian origin painter M.F. Husain at 95 have been honoured by Qatar Nationality” wrote one of the

October 22, 2014

Long Live the Luminary

Published by: Advocate John S.Ralph The International Citizen-Judge Mr.V.R.Krishna Iyer is celebrating his 99th Birthday this year. At this juncture it is worthwhile to learn

October 22, 2014


Published by : Advocate John S. Ralph The judgment of the Kerala high court rendered in Mohan Das Vs P. Abdul Aseez reported in 2011(3)

October 22, 2014


Published by : Adv.John S.Ralph When does an appeal lie? In criminal matters appeal lies only as provided by the Cr.P.C . Chapter XXIX that